Knowing Cause of Depression and Solve it Easily

knowing cause of depression and solve it easily

Usually, depression caused by more than one cause. First time I realize that depression caused by more than one cause is when I played FIFA 13 and beaten. Then I said those bad words like f**k, that time, I’m depressed. After some time, I tried to find the cause of my depression; well, I then realized there is no cause, there are causes. I found that the problem is not when I got beat by FIFA 13’s CPU player, the problem is that I chose too difficult CPU level, the other problem is that my mind didn’t ready to play something difficult like FIFA 13.

After understanding the “complexity” concept above, I have few tasks for you to figure out what makes you depressed, and maybe solve it.

First, find some sad and depressing moment(s) in your life, sort it by the most recent first; usually, people get depressed by the most recent depressing moment in their life.

Some examples of sad and depressing moments are:

a. Moment that makes you worry, e.g. bought a credit card and you worry that your wife will use it too much.

b. Moment that disappoints you, e.g. divorce, lose in a soccer match.

c. Moment that does both, e.g. got C- in a test even after you studied so hard and you worry that your parent will be so mad of this.

Second, find the root of this (or these) depressing moment. Like what I have done with FIFA 13 problem above, I found that my lose was not actually the problem; the problem is my mind was not prepared, and I chose wrong CPU difficulty. After I found these root of the problem, I can easily solve it by preparing my mind before play, and choose easier CPU difficulty.

Finding the root of your depressing moment is not difficult. You can find it (or them) by thinking about your depressing moment all day like a zen. But I have found alternative method: list the most important people, things, and events in your life (you can use mind map). Then, try to connect some of your “most important” to your depressing moment.

A great example of using this alternative method is:

John has lost his soccer match today. He became very depressed. He then tried to use this alternative method to find his cause of depression. He successfully connected “girlfriend” and “soccer shoes” with his problem “lose at soccer match”. He found that he tried to impress his girlfriend whom watched his soccer match, but he failed. He also found that he wear wrong type of soccer shoes; he wear “shooting” type of soccer shoes when he actually needed “speed” type of soccer shoes. You know what? John found the root cause of his depression, he tried to let his “disappointed” feeling go away. He also found the cause of his match lost, his shoes. He then bought new pair of “speed” soccer shoes.

cause of depression, how to solve
John’s Alternative Method Using Mind Map

Have another alternative method to find cause of depression?

Do you find bug(s) in alternative method explained above?

Have you find your root cause of depression?

Share your idea and experience about finding cause of depression by leaving a (or some) reply below! I will surely appreciate it and reply you back!



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