Try This Treatment for Depression That Requires only Two Simple Steps

First, I want to tell you the basic: things to get rid when you are depressed: depression itself, and the cause of your depression. The first step of this DIY treatment is made to get rid of depression itself, when the second step is made to get rid of the cause(s).

Okay, if you have read another resource that talk about meditation, deep breath, and whatsoever, you can conclude one same thing from them: to RELAX yourself. Relax is the first step of this treatment.

But I will not gonna tell you about how to meditate, that sometimes bring scary things from your past into your mind (when you close your eyes); or how to do deep breathing, that only works temporarily. Instead, I will tell you this:
Never regret the past, learn from the past.
Never worry about the future, plan about your future.
Live for now, learn the past, plan the future, but live for now.

If you must do a very difficult test one week from now, prepare for the test because you live for now; plan your study schedule and anything about the test because you plan your future; learn from your mistake from the last test you have done because you learn from the past.

Never regret, never worry, And RELAX.

You have tried to impress your girlfriend but failed? You have lots of homework to do? That’s depressing. But you know what? Those are causes of depression, we can find them, and we can get rid of them.

That’s the purpose of the second step, to find and solve cause(s) of your depression.

I want you to make a mind map. Your main depressing moment become the main node. Write some important things in your life around the main node, try to connect them to the main node, I will give you an example:

A boy I call John lose at his soccer match yesterday. He is an attacker, he faces 4 slow opposition defenders, and he cannot beat them. This lose really depressed him. I suggest him to try the “mind map” depression-solving method, and we came with this mind map:

cause of depression, how to solve
John’s Alternative Method Using Mind Map

Recently, I just have known that John has a girlfriend. He tried to impress her when she watched his soccer match yesterday, but he failed. He also told me that he should wear pair of “speed” soccer shoes rather than “power” soccer shoes he wore at his soccer match, so he can beat those slow defenders.

John found that his fail to impress his girlfriend is the only cause of his depression; he is not regretting his match lose at all. He also found that his wrong type of shoes caused him to lose the match.

So I came up with one conclusion sentence, which maybe describes John’s mind:
“It is okay if I lose the match, but I must impress my girlfriend anyway”

Then we found the only solution: make John relaxed so he can get rid of his “disappointing” feeling, and after that John must say sorry to his girlfriend because he can’t impress her. And guess what, it worked successfully.

John’s depression solved with one very specific, clear, and conclusive solution we got from using mind map method.

Have you understand these simple steps?
Do you have another idea?
Am I missing something?

You can just express any of your opinion at “leave a reply” below. You can also chat with me at Twitter, I am online @thegumf.
Thanks for reading!


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