Dealing with Depression in The Office

dealing with depression in the office

Visiting YouTube….

In the world of YouTube, I have seen many videos of depressed people; most of them depressed in the office.

Office Depression

Lot of things to do, small office, slow computer, small wage; that’s how many people get depressed when they work in the office. These things are decisive and real, you can’t change them by changing your mind. You must either improve your career performance, or resign and look for another job. But, what we want to change here is not those office-related things. What we want to change is how can you get rid of your office depression, and if you never depressed when working in the office, reading this article may help you prevent office depression.

This Article will Tell you about….

Well, this article will tell you about:
a. A quote
b. The only important words inside the quote
c. How to implement the important words so you can get rid of office depression and/or prevent yourself from office depression
Things are getting interesting, right? Just keep reading!

The Quote

Well, to make things short, I will tell you the quote now:

Learn the past, never regret it.
Plan the future, don’t worry about it.
Live for now.

What are the only important words inside this quote?
Well, this article is made to help people get rid from depression, and also to help people to prevent depression. I do not want to talk about financial planning, so we will not talk about the future. I do not want to talk about how to use our experience as the best teacher of our life. I just want to talk about how to life calmly so we don’t get depressed, so the only important words inside the quote is:
“Live for now.”
We know the quote, we know the important words, now what?
How to implement these important words from the quote.
Office jobs are usually asked by office boss. What office worker needs to do is to finish these jobs. But, most people who get office depression think too wide; they try to finish their job, but in their mind, they are thinking about other jobs which they must work on later, this event makes depressed people think that they have too much tasks. This is the main reason why office depression happens.
To prevent office depression, we need to live for now; just simply by focusing our mind to what we are doing right now, and do not think about anything else. To really do this in the office situation, what you need to do are:
a. Be focused at your work now; don’t think about any other else.
b. Set a distraction-free working situation in your computer’s system. You can do this by turning off social media and email client, minimizing ribbon in Microsoft Office software, etc.
c. Play your favorite music. No matter calm or even heavy metal music. Note: Music is not a distraction.
d. Make sure that your place is comfortable.

So, What We’ve Got today?

We’ve learnt many things today, they are:
a. The past, present, future quote.
b. 4 ways take the essential of “present” section of the quote, they are:
-Be focused.
-Set a distraction-free environment.
-Play your favorite music.
-Make sure your place is comfortable.

Final Words before We Separate

Just don’t mind about this dramatic sub-headline, it’s sucks.
This article is written for people who want to get rid of their office depression routine, and also for people who want to prevent themselves from office depression, which they never experience. So no matter who you are, as long as you are an office worker, this article is recommended for you.
Well, thank you so much for reading this article.
Thank You!


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