How to Deal with Social Anxiety and Win Influences over People

How to Deal with Social Anxiety and Win Influences over People

Hello readers!
Today we will talk about something specific, not depression, neither anxiety. Today, we will talk about something really specific, and this unfortunate event happens in our everyday life: social anxiety.

My Psychoanalysis about Today’s Reader…

I’m afraid my psychoanalysis is wrong, but, I assume that 80% of people who read this article think that they are weirdos, or they are called ‘weirdos’ by their friend; while other 20% is just people who want to win influences over people around them. These readers are both great, just need a little bit ‘fix’ here and there around their mind, just keep reading.

What Happens?

Well, what happens? Your friends called you ‘weirdos’? Or maybe you have many friends but only little of them think you are exist because you have little influences around them? Well, I have never experienced something like this before; but, after reading some psychology-oriented articles, and some other articles telling about how charismatic people communicate, now I know something.

’Weirdos’ Exists only in Perspective

I have heard this ‘weirdos’ thing few times. People who called you ‘weirdos’ think you are the only one who looks different; maybe you are a Pokémon nerds, while all your classmates are muscular Harley-Davidson boys, you will be the only different person, right? Now, invite one of your classmates to a Pokémon fest you’ve attended weekly, all people in that fest are Pokémon nerds, and your classmates will be the ‘weirdos’ that time.
What I mean here is weirdos exists only in our perspective. That word ‘weirdos’ comes up when we see one, very different person from his environment, so we call him weirdos. But I can be sure that he is not the only one who looks different, there will be another person like him, and they are not weird, really. They are great because they be themselves. Think about Albert Einstein. He’s a weirdos, right? With that balding hair, and that mustache; but look, he’s the greatest scientist & inventor on earth, why? Because he became himself, so I want every weirdos to listen to this:

You are not the only one who different, there will always be someone like you. Just be yourself

Here’s a Way to Win Influences over People

The recipe to win influences over people is almost same with the recipe to accept your ‘weirdosness’, with few changes: to be your positive self.

What’s ‘positive self’? And how to be my positive self?

Positive self is the good side of yours; so, if you have two traits, like greedy and good, choose only the good, and don’t mind about the greedy side of yours.
By living your life fully, happily, and be your positive self, you will automatically do win-influences action; win-influences action is a kind of action that will create good image of yours in other people’s mind, so you will win influences over them. Here’s a list of win-influences action:
– Respect every joke, as long as it’s not offensive.
– Respond to every comment in your own blog.
– Comfort other who gets panic attack.

Few Worthy Tips for You

For weirdos, here are some tips for you:
– Be brave anywhere, don’t look embarrassed even if something embarrassing happens to you, you will look weak if you do that.
– Remember that you look different just in the environment near you (like your class). There are some people like you in this world, surely.
– If you want to beat people who called you ‘weirdos’, you can gain influences over their friend, then you can throw a party with them.
– Keep attention of your outside look. Maybe there is something wrong with what you wear, that makes people call you ‘weirdos’.
For people who seek influences, here are some tips for you:
– Smile, no one wants to talk to people who look disappointed all the time.
– Try to blend with people, maybe you’re too introverted.
– For the first few months to win people’s influence, try to never disappoint them; reply their messages, attend their birthday party, etc.


This article finishes here. Remember to be your positive self, and use additional tips I’ve provided above. Articles that help you to deal with everyday life’s psychological problem are published daily, so you are recommended to subscribe via subscribe box at the bottom of this page.
Well, thank you so much for reading.
Thank You!


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