Dealing with Depression Caused by Financial Problem, and You’ll Never Worry Again

dealing with depression caused by financial problem

In our previous encounter, we have discussed about How to Deal with Social Anxiety and Win Influences over People. And today, I want to tell you a thing that already becomes human’s all-time problem: financial problem. I will tell you how it affects our psychological life, and especially, how to deal with it.

Unpaid Bills, Payday Loansdealing with depression caused by financial problem 1

Imagine that you live with unpaid monthly bills, loaning here and there, you’re in a big financial problem. Yeah, that’s one of the scariest moment of every human’s life. What’s my tip about this kind of financial problem? Loan some money from your friends and start your own business. But, if your financial problem is a kind of ‘worrying about the future’, you must keep reading.

Financial Problem is More than That

Financial problem is more than just unpaid bills. A poll held in UK resulted:
– Two in five people worried about household debt.
– Half of them worried about household savings.
Financial problem is not about what happens right now. What will happen later that affect us financially is financial problem too. The ‘worry’ feeling of financial problem can be related closely to depression.dealing with depression caused by financial problem 2

Dealing with This ‘Worry’ Feeling

Few weeks ago, I have told you about a quote, which tells us not to worry about the future, but to plan it. Yeah, I know ‘worry’ is a kind of feeling and ‘plan’ is an action, so they are quite different.
Worry is a feeling similar to fear. Worry is sometimes constructive and positive, but mostly it doesn’t. If we’re just worrying about the future without any good planning, we will worry all the time. This kind of worrying is dangerous; we will continuously worrying without any future life blueprints, or any kind of good and concise planning. That’s why the quote recommends everyone to plan, rather just worrying.

How to Make a Good Financial Plan?

From my experience, a good financial plan that helps us psychologically is the one which:
– Broken up into some targets.
– Uses S.M.A.R.T. template.
– Available in hard copy.
– Mixed with alarms, calendars, etc. that will remind people about the next target.
– Have realistic targets.
– All (or some) of its targets are enjoyable to do (what people passionate about).
So, start making your own financial plan.

Alternative Ways to Fill Household Savings

Just a few tips, here are some alternative ways to fill your household savings:
– Earn money online (you can Google this, but be cautious, most of them are scam).
– Get a part-time job.
– Create or invest in a business.
There are some other ways to fill up your savings; I’m not a financial guru, so you can just Google about alternative ways to earn money.

Even After I Made My Financial Plan, The ‘Worry’ Feeling is still Exists, Now What?

Few years ago, I read an article talking about psychological problem. The article mainly talks about how to be calm with certain ways, like meditation and yoga. From that article (I can’t remember the title), I learn that to progress towards a goal (or a target), we need some amount of stress, so we are ‘forced’ to do things to achieve the goal, and we won’t procrastinate to achieve this goal.
So it’s okay to have ‘worry’ feeling, actually, it is needed.

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