Dealing Anxiety with Leftover Carrots

dealing anxiety with leftover

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Now, let’s see how can we deal anxiety with leftover carrots, what a peculiar guide.

Any kind of anxieties, panic attacks, and depressions are caused by either drugs or “worry” feeling. Most of anxieties are caused by “worry” feeling. Most of these “worry” feeling are health-oriented. If you experience such similar kind of anxiety, you must keep reading.

What does Carrot Do to Anxiety?

Carrot has already proven to be one of the healthiest food of all time; by eating carrot (or even leftover carrot)routinely, you don’t need to worry of:
Cancer; with natural anticancer properties produced by carrot like falcarinol and falcarindiol, carrot can be surely prevents risk of lung, breast, and colon cancer.
Fast aging process; with its high level of beta-carotene, carrot speeds up human body’s metabolism so it slows down aging process.
Cataract, nearsightedness, farsightedness; high level of beta-carotene in carrot proven to protect our eyes against macular degeneration and cataract.
Cholesterol; soluble fibers in carrot found to be useful to reduce cholesterol.
Bad breath; carrot scrap off plaque. Carrot also stimulate gums to trigger a lot of saliva, which prevents bacteria.

This is leftover carrot, so what’s the best way to eat it?

carrot and tomato soup
Carrot & Tomato Soup

Recently I’ve browsed the web and found one article from The Guardian that tells some ways to cook leftover carrots:
– Carrot halwa
– Carrot puffs
– Carrot and courgete cupcakes
– Carrot and tomato soup
There are some other ways to cook leftover carrots, just read this 20 Recipe Ideas for Leftover Carrots

Here are some tips for you

Yeah, I have some tips for you, here they are:
– Don’t wash carrots before storing them in the fridge.
– It’s okay to buy cheaper, unwashed carrots.
– You don’t need to peel carrot; it’s a waste of time.
– Well-shaped carrot doesn’t mean it is better than other carrot.
– Eating one medium-sized carrot already fulfills our veggies need.
– More orange the carrot, higher the beta-carotene.
– Baby carrot isn’t exactly a young baby carrot. It’s an ordinary carrot shaped with blade and machine.
By publishing this article it doesn’t mean that I force you to eat carrot, you can eat something else, as long as it is healthy.

Well, this is the end…

Yeah, thank you for reading this peculiar guide. I am always asking for your ideas, thoughts, and personal stories you can share via “leave a reply” below. Remember to share this article if you think it’s helpful and/or entertaining via sharing button below.



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