How to Manage Stress Caused by Kids – Tips from The Guardian’s Stuart Heritage


depression caused by kids

Great tips I can’t ignore them, how about you?

Few hours ago, I visited The Guardian to get some new ideas. Honestly, most ideas come out from nowhere predicted, like this one.
One of The Guardian author, Stuart Heritage published a very interesting article about how to coach a children mini rugby team. He inspires me with some tips I’ve never heard before; I consider these tips as the best tips for every parents in this world – these tips are so good that I can’t ignore them.

What Stuart does?

Stuart wastes his Sunday’s time by coaching a children mini rugby team. The first thing I learn from his article is that you don’t need to go to business college to start a business; so does Stuart, he knows nothing specific about rugby, but he has the courage to coach the kids about it.
Surprisingly, what Stuart knows are:
a. What rugby is
b. How to play rugby (the basic)
and the most important…
c. Understanding the kids and face them calm and great
Stuart then gave some tips he wrote in his article at The Guardian, and these tips are…

The Tips

Stuart wrote some great tips to face kids in his article, here they are:
a. Be approachable and enthusiastic
How can kids tell what they want when you’re not in there for them? How can kids talk to you when your face makes them frightened?
Be an approachable parent; make yourself available for your kids. And the second rule: always look enthusiastic about everything they talk.
b. Never count from five to zero at your kids
This ‘five to zero’ count is a method commonly used to frighten every kid out there. There are two possible outcomes:
– If you count at good kids, they’ll frightened, and they’ll think that you’re scary; you’ll be unapproachable
– If you count at naughty kids, they’ll let you count until zero, and they’ll realize that you’re powerless after the count reach zero
c. Don’t make too much rules; instead, be enthusiastic about whatever your kids do.
d. Communicating with kids is all about the kids; don’t talk too much about yourself, try to listen more about the kids’ day.
e. Don’t be intimidated; you’re an adult; keep calm even when your kids call your name.

Another Personal Tips from Me

Yep, I have few tips for you:
a. Your stress is usually caused by:
– You’re handling too much things to do
– Your kids are in a bad mood
– Both
b. Try to prioritize things to do with to do list, etc.
c. Try to ask yourself “is this thing important enough?” for everything you have to do.
d. Try Stuart Heritage’s tips to face your kids so they’ll never in a bad mood again.

I Dare You!

At the first sub-headline of this article I stated “Great tips I can’t ignore them” for Stuart Heritage’s tips; the question is HOW ABOUT YOU?
Have you tried all (or some of) the tips above?
What works? What doesn’t?
Share your experience using ‘leave a reply’ below; you’re welcome to this challenge. Also share this article to others; more people join this challenge, my research would be much more better.

Final Words

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