A personal thought by a man, which tells us how helping self-confidence is. And a playlist of musics works well too!

Neurochemically Challenged

I get a healthy dose of procedures on a daily basis, my being in a training program and all. It’s been fun, but at last, we’re down to our last day in the conference room. Personally, I’m going to be fine on the phone, because I enjoy helping people figure out their problems. It’s hard, because I had to learn how to operate all sorts of machines that I had never before known how to use. I’m now a deadly expert in drive thru equipment. I can find out what brand, model name frequency and other specifics of your individual headset configuration. Or do you use a belt pack? I could go on, because I was asked by my bosses to learn this material, and learn it good. So I put my best effort in to it, and produced a lot of extra resources which helped myself and others learn…

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