I’ve Made Few Changes…

Hello guys, Gum here.

After reading bunch of blogging resources and tips from various sources, I’ve decided to change this blog’s site title and tagline a little bit.

The old, and new site title

The previous, legendary site title of this blog was: “Dealing Anxiety”. The new, revolutionary, site title is: “The Dealing Anxiety Blog”.

Why I change the site title

The “The” before the whole site title is added to make the next words to be a brand, a logo, a name of this site. The “Blog” at the last of the site title is added so people (even you and I) understand that this is a blog who needs your thoughts (like comments), not just a gallery or portfolio which is a one-way information traffic.

The old and new site tagline

The previous, quite compelling, but not remarkable site tagline was: “Learn How to Deal Anxiety Today for Free”. The new, personality-added site tagline is: “learn how to deal with anxiety, panic attack, depression, etc. with Gum Fard”.

Why I change the site tagline

The new site tagline is more complete; showing that this site is also helpful for people with panic attack and depression. And I’ve also added my real, but not complete real name “Gum Fard” so the visitors here (like you) can sense the “personality” of this blog.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know your opinion about this change. Thank you for reading.


What's Your Opinion?

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