Dealing with Anxiety – What Happens When Fear Comes?

I accidentally found a story….

Recently, I visited one of my favorite websites, The Guardian. I read some articles, some of them were surprising, some of them has more “shares” than words; but, this is the most interesting story I’ve found at that moment: I blew myself up at the festival.

dealing anxiety
Georgina Chalmers

This story told me about a woman named Georgina Chalmers, a not reckless and unfortunate person. She told her experience when burned stove gas managed to kill her.

So what’s interesting about her story?

There is a moment she told me in her story: when she notices the blue-and-orange fire raging near her, she just get up and run away. This moment is as described in psychologist’s view of human’s natural action when facing fear: fight-freeze-flight; and in this case, Georgina did the “flight”.

Does this has any relation with anxiety?

Yes, if you misunderstand fear with anxiety.
This fight-freeze-flight reaction happens when real danger comes. Before we do one of them, there is a moment (few milliseconds) when we think “what I must do next?”.
This “few milliseconds” moment can be “few minutes” or even “few hours” in specific case, like anxiety and phobia.
But in case like anxiety and phobia, there are NO danger. Things imagined by anxious people and people with phobia does not exist.


I have few tips for you:

  • When you feel fear, ask yourself “is this danger has exist?”
  • When you worrying things, ask yourself “is worrying things like this important?”
  • When the danger is real, choose only fight or flight, never choose freeze
  • Remember that when you feel anxious, or have a phobia; you make things that can be done in few milliseconds, become few minutes or hours. You waste your precious time
  • When you have any question, ask in the comment (just for info)

I have also experienced things like Georgina did….

Few weeks ago, my mom asked me to fix TV antenna up on the roof.
You know? I have never been on top of the roof.
Then my “few milliseconds” moment comes, I must choose whether to fight or flight. And as a boy, I choose to fight.
I then get up on the ladder, going to the roof, which is around 2 meters above my head.
Then I fix the antenna, and it’s done!
-The End, Just That-


I have told my story, how about yours?
I recommend you to learn more about this fight-freeze-flight things; also with it’s “few milliseconds” moment. Those will help you face anxiety and fear.
Thanks for reading!


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