5 Things You Should Stop Doing to Get More Friend

Helloguys, Gum here!

get more friend
Source: Conductive Education

Do you feel like you’re living without anyone noticing, except your family? I think that’s because you don’t have much friends or your friends don’t like you or both. There are few things people (maybe you’re included) do, and more likely become their habits. These things make others feel disgusted, embarrassed, distracted, and even ignored. Yet, no one realize these things and doing them over and over. I mention some of them (maybe there are more) here:

    • Stop telling same story over and over. Except your story always has different “spices” in each telling session, your story will be ignored by others. What’s the point of hearing exactly same story over and over? It’s just a waste of time. You should stop this habit, seriously, it’s boring.
    • Stop talking too much. Wise people listen more than talk; this is what we need to do. By listening to others “this is my day going…”, and some other kind of opinions, we will learn something new. And naturally, human like to talk more than listen. So, yeah, people will appreciate you if you want to listen what are they talking about.
    • Stop being silent. By advising you to stop talking too much doesn’t mean that you are not permitted to talk at all. Be a communicative person; talk when you have useful information, funny comment, etc.
    • Stop ignoring people. Are you ignoring your old friend (few years ago, you’re in the same kindergarten) when he passed by? This isn’t good. When you ignore people, people will ignore you, the cycle will be exactly same like that for any kind of people. So, to get more attention, you should stop ignoring people. Say hi to every of your old friend, and even your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.
    • Stop home-loving. You can’t be at home all the time, even if you also use social media. You should go out, make new friend. Online social media isn’t as effective as real interaction to grow strong relationship with people. Well, I have some tips to find your passion outside your home.

Yeah, that’s all from me guys, thanks for reading!
Note: I’ll be offline for few days (2 days expected) for a reason.


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