6 Things You Need to Know about Fight-Freeze-Flight Reaction

Hello, Gum here.
Today, I want to tell you few things you (really) need to know about fight-freeze-flight reaction.

Fight-freeze-flight is a set of reactions that people choose when there are any danger. This term also related closely to anxiety and fear. Usually, we need few milliseconds to think what we need to do, fight or freeze or flight.

fight-freeze-flight hanging pinata
Fight the pinata until it blows! Source: Photobucket

This is different from the situation when we face hanging pinata in a party.We don’t need to think “do I need to fight, freeze, or flight?” yeah, that’s stupid. Actually, you need to fight the pinata so you can get the candy (punch it until it blows!).

There are few things you need to know about fight-freeze-flight reaction; so you won’t make wrong decision, and you won’t regret your decision. Well, here are few things you need to know:

  • Never choose freeze. Freeze is really a bad decision. I don’t think it’s a common sense to let a bear punch you right on your face because you don’t run away (flight); and also it’s not a common sense to let your daughter get frightened by a flying cockroach without you trying to kill that cockroach (fight).
    Well, there are times when people freeze, even with real danger exists; like when a girl freezes because she sees DANGERously handsome boy. Oops, just kidding 🙂
  • Sometimes, our decision is autopilot. Sometimes, when a real danger exists, we don’t need few milliseconds to think and use common sense; we’ll just decide and run because of natural “autopilot” feature in our mind. Some people say this is similar to our reflex system. So never regret every decision you’ve made, because sometimes it’s made with autopilot process.
  • Our body is alerted. Few moments before and after making a decision, our body will be in an alerted state. Our heart pumps harder, adrenaline hormone flows, and so on. This body reaction happens so we are ready to fight or flight.
  • Sometimes, we will experience temporary panic. This temporary panic is strongly related to our body’s alerted state. We will sometimes breathe too fast, etc. This temporary panic is maybe caused by the flow of adrenaline hormone. This temporary panic can happens before or after or while making decision.
  • Normally, there is a “real” stimuli. This is what differ anxiety from fear. When fear happens because there is a “real” danger and “mind” danger (what we think will happen next a.k.a worrying), anxiety happens only because “mind” danger (worrying).
  • Condition influences decision. A man ran away when he see a bear coming to him. Is the story becomes different when I say “a man with his family”? Yes; he will fight the bear (if he’s a real gentleman. Aye, Mr. Hitler!), sacrificing himself to let his wife and kids go away.

All right, that’s it.
Thank you so much for reading; I will see you again later. Thanks!


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