3 Steps to Find Your Passion Outside Your Home

Find Your Passion Outside Your Home

Hello guys! Gum here.
In previous post, I said that it’s better to make new friends via real life (not social media). And how to do that is to go out from your house, get into a community, and you’ll surely make new friends.

Yeah, of course this rule doesn’t work if your house is so big that there are hundreds of people inside it, you’ll make new friend everyday. Or in another case, you are unfortunately homeless so the outside world is your home.

The problem is sometimes people (maybe you) don’t have any motivation to go out from their home. They can’t find appropriate answer to “why I should go out?”. Of course “to make new friend” is an answer, but people must have a (or some) reason why they should be your friend; you can’t just walk out on the street, say hello to a man, talk a little bit, and you’re both now friend, making new friend doesn’t work like that.

You and your potential “new friend” must have a reason to be friend, like “we’re both like ice skating”, or “we’re both like boxing; sometimes, we punch each other; we’ve entered the hospital five times because of that”.

The key to find motivation to go out (a.k.a the answer) is to find your passion that is doable in the outside world. How to find this passion?

Find out and sort your activities from the most wasting-time

You’re a living thing and you do some activities. Some of them waste few hours when other just waste few minutes. I want you to sort these activities, reading this blog is included.

Categorize these activities into “things I like to do” and “things I have to do”

An activity wastes few hours of yours because either you like to do it, or you have to do it. Categorize sorted activities into two categories: “things I like to do” and “things I have to do”.

Relate “things I like to do” with outdoor activities

You can wipe out the “things I have to do” category. Please relate all activities inside “things I like to do” category into any outdoor activities. If you have some difficulties to relate these things, I have some tips:

    • Relate creative activities (like creating new song, etc.) with finding new inspiration outside your house.
    • Relate resting activities (sleeping, nap, etc.) with cardiac exercise (like marathon) because people with routine exercise tend to sleep better.
    • Relate entertaining activities (gaming, watching movies, etc.) with implementing what you’ve learn from those video games and movies into outside world.


That’s all from me. Ask if you want to know something, share if you read something beautiful, cough if you want to cough (duh!). Glad to give you something. Thanks for reading!


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