How to Hide Your Anxiety and Socialize with Others Like Normal

Hello guys, Gum here (don’t you bored with me?).

I think anxiety is just like gallons of water flowing inside a water pump — it can be delayed (by closing the valve) and the flow can be continued when we want. This is maybe true for some people, and maybe not for others. The key is the pump valve — the valve that consists of only one thing: living in the present. But, how can we make this valve? How can we delay the flow of anxiety in our pipe of mind?

Well, let’s see how.

There are many ways to hide anxiety, but I have mentioned 4 things that are easy to implement below:

  • Bring private music anywhere. If you don’t have any conversation partner (maybe you’re in the car or somewhere), you can just bring a Walkman plus a headphone with you. Don’t forget to bring your favorite music playlists. Then, listen to them, and sing with them, just like you’re watching a concert. This is the most enjoyable way to live in the present.
  • Analyze many things close to you. Have you ever read Sherlock Holmes books? They’re all talking about how great Sherlock’s deductive ability is. You can impersonate his habit, constantly analyzing. Maybe a blue matte-colored helmet with lots of scratches, and oh god! there are few cracks around the helmet! Analyzing things is fun, and you can even come up with a conclusion like “this helmet may have participated in a motorcycle crash show”, or something like that.
  • Listen to others’ saying well. First, I have told you that people will like you if you listen to whatever they’re talking well. Second, listening well to others’ saying helps you live in the present and it increases your concentration. When other people near you are talking, listen to them carefully, you can then say some comments, and even helpful suggestions automatically.
  • Keep the conversation going. If you’re in a group of people, and no one talks, there is a big chance where you can worry about something. So what you need to do is to start the conversation. Talk about trending topic, or even recount old topic, then ask what do your friends think. This will keep you live in the present.


This is the best tips: you can choose to not to hide your anxiety to get in with your friend. Just be yourself. You can even tell your friend that you got anxiety, and that’s even more recommended than to hide your anxiety.

That’s all from me, remember that, I’m not a therapist, psychologist, expert, or something. I just a boy who has a willingness to learn. So please share your tips if you have one.
Thanks for reading!


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