Here is Why Task Deadline Triggers Anxiety and How to Overcome It

“Shit, I have a task that should be done within 3 days. And the shittest thing is, I didn’t even start.” The Young Johnny said, his hands started to get sweaty.

And that means he got anxious.

So what makes that sweat came? Yeah of course, that 3 days deadline. It’s quite a short time, and that’s why Johnny was putting so much attention into it.

But, if we get rid out of that deadline, we won’t be disciplined. Our tasks will be disorganized. Simply, our life is broken down.

Ups, I’m sorry, I’ve missed one point, here it is:

And the most important thing, thing that makes Johnny anxious, is the size of task he should do.

And guess what? I’ve got the solution – the right way to organize your task (still with deadlines) without making yourself become so anxious. I’ve called the method “Make-It-Simple”. Here is how it works:

  1. Divide your big task into small subtasks.
  2. Assign deadlines into each subtask, make sure that the total of all those deadlines doesn’t surpass the big task’s deadline.
  3. Done! Now you will never ever do a big job with deadly deadline. Congrats!

Don’t stop reading! Here is why this method works.

1. It Simplifies

First, this simplifying method divide a big task into small ones. Which does you like to do? Repairing a laptop, or just opening it’s case? (Most people choose 2nd option, I don’t know about you) 😀

2. It Motivates

Second, this method pumps you up. How so? Because you’re dividing a big task into small ones and dividing the deadline into deadlines and reassigning them into each small task, you’ll realize that you have short time to do this and that. This will motivates you to do the small task, then you’ll do another small task, and so on.

For example, if you have to repair a laptop within 3 days, yeah, you know it’s still 3 days later and the task is quite difficult. So you divided the task into small subtasks and assigned short deadline into each subtask (because subtask is easier to do, so the deadline should be shorter). So now you’ll have to open the laptop’s case within one hour, then cleaning it’s cooler the next hour, and so on. Now you’ll just have to do easy tasks continuously, right?

Yep, that’s all. Remember that this “Make-It-Simple” method is just about dividing task and assigning shorter deadlines for subtasks. If you have any difficulty, just let out your voice on that comment box 🙂

Okay thanks for reading. I hope this post helps you overcome your anxiety, give you better understanding about task deadline, and makes you more productive 😀


Gumilar Fardhani
This is me saying Hi! – Yeah, I’m quite hiperactive.



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