Here is Why You’re Easily Stressed All The Time

We have two layers of mind: conscious and subconscious. They affect how we think, and most importantly, our mood. I will tell you how to consciously repair both your conscious and subconscious mind from things that make yourself easily stressed , and automatically make yourself yourself happier.

Hooked Thoughts

Hey, remember that assignment that must be submitted next month? or maybe that unrealistically big project you’re working on? thinking about them makes you stressed a little bit, right? I call these kind of thoughts as “hooked thoughts”. They tend to stay on our mind until we’re finished working on them.

That stressing effect when we think about them is a short term effect. It happens at our conscious mind. I think it’s okay because it literally reminds you of project that needs to be done.
But here’s the big problem…

Hooked thoughts actually hooks in our subconscious mind. They NEVER gone until we finish our project. If you’re a computer geek, here’s the analogy:
Our mind is just like computer’s RAM. What we’re working on and thinking about right now is considered as foreground apps. Other thoughts – Jimmy’s next week birthday, that math equation – are considered to be background apps, so does hooked thoughts.

The problem is, when other “background apps” are actually useful (we can remember Jimmy’s birthday, and that math equation), hooked thoughts tend to be pressuring and doing nothing useful. Hooked thoughts are just filling the RAM (our mind, I mean). They pressure us to do our task, but when we don’t do it, hooked thoughts are literally just pressuring without giving any benefit.

So how to get rid of these hooked thoughts?

Actually it’s simple to be said – do the task when your mind starts to think about that.


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