A Masterpiece Quote from A Masterpiece Movie

a masterpiece quote from a masterpiece movie

In 2015, I’ve watched Interstellar for a dozen time. I don’t need to read a review before buying it ’cause I know that its a Christopher Nolan’s movie, and Nolan will never disappoint me. So, yeah, he didn’t disappoint me. 😉

Interstellar is a weird and nerdy movie (that’s why I gotta watch them). Its main word is that love is also a dimension, 5th dimension, actually, besides space, time, etc.. Well, that’s already hit my understanding of physics a lot.

But, the most thing from Interstellar that hits my brain like a train is this scene when Dad (I forget his name) told Murphy why she has that name. Dad said that it is based on Murphy’s law:

Anything can happen, will happen.

I think, this quote is perfect for anxiety victims. Like, hey, anything can happen will happen. So, be fine about that. Prepare for the worst because if it can happen, so it will happen.

Peaceful regard,




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