Here is Why Task Deadline Triggers Anxiety and How to Overcome It

“Shit, I have a task that should be done within 3 days. And the shittest thing is, I didn’t even start.” The Young Johnny said, his hands started to get sweaty.

And that means he got anxious.

So what makes that sweat came? Yeah of course, that 3 days deadline. It’s quite a short time, and that’s why Johnny was putting so much attention into it.

But, if we get rid out of that deadline, we won’t be disciplined. Our tasks will be disorganized. Simply, our life is broken down.

Ups, I’m sorry, I’ve missed one point, here it is:

And the most important thing, thing that makes Johnny anxious, is the size of task he should do.

And guess what? I’ve got the solution – the right way to organize your task (still with deadlines) without making yourself become so anxious. I’ve called the method “Make-It-Simple”. Here is how it works:

  1. Divide your big task into small subtasks.
  2. Assign deadlines into each subtask, make sure that the total of all those deadlines doesn’t surpass the big task’s deadline.
  3. Done! Now you will never ever do a big job with deadly deadline. Congrats!

Don’t stop reading! Here is why this method works.

1. It Simplifies

First, this simplifying method divide a big task into small ones. Which does you like to do? Repairing a laptop, or just opening it’s case? (Most people choose 2nd option, I don’t know about you) 😀

2. It Motivates

Second, this method pumps you up. How so? Because you’re dividing a big task into small ones and dividing the deadline into deadlines and reassigning them into each small task, you’ll realize that you have short time to do this and that. This will motivates you to do the small task, then you’ll do another small task, and so on.

For example, if you have to repair a laptop within 3 days, yeah, you know it’s still 3 days later and the task is quite difficult. So you divided the task into small subtasks and assigned short deadline into each subtask (because subtask is easier to do, so the deadline should be shorter). So now you’ll have to open the laptop’s case within one hour, then cleaning it’s cooler the next hour, and so on. Now you’ll just have to do easy tasks continuously, right?

Yep, that’s all. Remember that this “Make-It-Simple” method is just about dividing task and assigning shorter deadlines for subtasks. If you have any difficulty, just let out your voice on that comment box 🙂

Okay thanks for reading. I hope this post helps you overcome your anxiety, give you better understanding about task deadline, and makes you more productive 😀


Gumilar Fardhani
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What to Do to Prevent Anxiety

how to prevent anxiety

Every person on this planet mostly seeks fixes, how to repair something that have already broken – how to deal with anxiety, for example. But don’t we want to know how to prevent that anxiety itself from happening?

Honestly, I think anxiety isn’t a mental illness. Every single of us felt anxious sometimes, right? It’s when this anxious feeling becomes more often and often. I should unfortunately said that it becomes a habit. This is when ordinary anxiety becomes a mental illness – and like every illness, there are something we can do to prevent anxiety.

Don’t Force Yourself

Why are you become so anxious? You can’t jump 1.5 meters high? You can’t run as fast as your friends do? Can’t finish your work within 2 days? The reality is, you’re forcing yourself.

You want something you can’t achieve right now, and you’re forcing yourself so hard. Your mind will automatically forced to think about what you want too. It’s just like forcing a Volkswagen to run at 300 mph – its engine gets overheated slowly, then it burned out. The same thing applies to your mind – when you’re forcing yourself so hard, you won’t feel anxious at first, but then you’ll reach higher point of anxiety and higher and higher and higher and your mind will experience GAD (General Anxiety Disorder), its a form of anxiety that experienced often and often.

So I think you shouldn’t force yourself to achieve anything you want. Yeah, of course everybody dreams, but have a dream that is measurable and logic – that you can logically achieve within the time you have.

“Not having a dream is a shameful thing. Having crazy dream can drive you crazy.”

Be Grateful with What You Have

“Why can’t I have that pink dress? That shiny gold ring? That glass shoes? You have a pink gown you’ve got at your 16th birthday. You have that silver ring given by your beloved boyfriend. You have that pair of green sneakers, and your boyfriend has the same sneakers too, you’re a couple!”

Is it difficult to be grateful with what you have?

Anxiety becomes more and more dangerous when you have more thoughts wandering around your mind. Forgetting about things you want to have loosen up lots of space in your mind. So, yes, this fortunately helps.

“One of our biggest fault: When we look to our life, we often forgot to say ‘thanks god’.”

Never Lose in What You’re Believe in

Most anxieties happened when we’re starting to lose what we are believing. For example, at first, you thought that you can win this football match, but when the match is only 2 days from now, you started to lose what you believe. You started worrying about “how if I don’t win?”, and this is when anxiety happened most.

So never lose in what you are believing or your mind will be poisoned with uncertainty that leads to anxiousness. Just believe and believe and believe.

Tell Others about Your Worries

Wonder why psychologists exist? Because we are social creatures. We need social engagement, we need someone to listen to our problems and worries. We need someone to give opinion, or even solution to our problem. This is because when the problem is our own problem, we’re the one who trapped in the maze, who can’t see anything except walls and ways. Other people have a bird eye view of it – so they will give us a good solution for our problem, the one which helps us get out from the maze.

Note: If you don’t have anyone to tell your problem, you can contact me at Kik. My username is gummythings.

Okay guys thanks for reading! After all, we just need to be a faithful and social person.

Sincerely, Gum.

Cry For You

Neurochemically Challenged

Streaks of rain on the window,
Soft and quiet like the wind at night,
The ember that glows in the dark,
Choking on ash and dust,
Familiarity ripped apart and down,
The shadow of touch,
What was will never be again.

Pines in the clear blue air,
Treading lightly on sacred ground,
The hills lit up in sunset reds,
Beckoning the twilight gasp,
Forgotten promises,
Abandoned words without homes,
Snapping like twigs underfoot.

A piercing howl at the moon,
Fools stay in the past, mourning,
The sun rises yellow and bold,
Sand and stones,
Days and years, going by.

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