A Masterpiece Quote from A Masterpiece Movie

a masterpiece quote from a masterpiece movie

In 2015, I’ve watched Interstellar for a dozen time. I don’t need to read a review before buying it ’cause I know that its a Christopher Nolan’s movie, and Nolan will never disappoint me. So, yeah, he didn’t disappoint me. 😉

Interstellar is a weird and nerdy movie (that’s why I gotta watch them). Its main word is that love is also a dimension, 5th dimension, actually, besides space, time, etc.. Well, that’s already hit my understanding of physics a lot.

But, the most thing from Interstellar that hits my brain like a train is this scene when Dad (I forget his name) told Murphy why she has that name. Dad said that it is based on Murphy’s law:

Anything can happen, will happen.

I think, this quote is perfect for anxiety victims. Like, hey, anything can happen will happen. So, be fine about that. Prepare for the worst because if it can happen, so it will happen.

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Anxious about The Future?

If you feel anxious about your future – that somehow, it might not always good (everyone’s future is the same, too), from my experience, I learned that we don’t need to predict what will happens at the future, all we must do is to decide what we want, set a plan to achieve that, and do anything we can do to stick to that plan. We must create our future, not thinking about it for our whole life.

10 Signs of People with Anxiety + The Cures for Anxiety

Hello! Gum here.
Today, I (my name is Gum Fard, in case if you don’t know it yet) will guide you through this informative, roller-coaster list of reasons why people got anxiety.

The Philosophy

Have you got anxiety? Some people even got long-lasting anxiety (can be cured through therapy, etc.). Well, a good mechanic said:

Before we can fix a broken car, it’s good to know the sign which indicates that the car is broken.

This is somewhat same to our problem here:

Before we can fix anxiety, it’s good to know which sign that indicates anxiety. We want to know the sign, so we can know the reason, and so we can know what’s the rightest cure.

The List of Signs

After dealing with that philosophical things up there, we can now “deal” with the list:

  • People with anxiety are generally full of speculation. We know this from a scene in “2012” movie when the famous Dalai Lama told his student that his student is like a glass full of water. His student’s mind is full of speculation, and this is one of the cause of anxiety.
  • People with anxiety are often introvert. Lifting 90 kilos sandbag is better done with 5 people than one person; this is what I want to tell you. Introvert people are likely hide their personal problem so they face it alone. But there are times when we need others help, and that’s why introverts have bigger chances of anxiety than extroverts.
  • People with anxiety generally think too much. Depressed people hold too many thoughts than their mind can hold. This principal of depression is applicable to anxiety. Even some people got both depression and anxiety, unfortunately.
  • Almost all people with anxiety have weak mentality. People with weak mentality often regret the past; they often don’t have believe about something. Their everyday life becomes full of sadness.
  • People with anxiety are mostly uncertain about anything. People with anxiety don’t decide anything easily. They sometimes want an advice from others. They can’t naturally be a leader, entrepreneur, or anything that requires people with high level of leadership.
  • People with anxiety are not motivated enough. Anxiety usually starts when you don’t have daily quote, motivating people, and other things which can motivate you. People with anxiety that are not motivated like this become lazier and they become lonely. They become introverts, then they’re worrying about their life; this is the moment when anxiety usually starts.
  • Most people with anxiety don’t dream big. Most people with anxiety are non-believers. They don’t believe that things will work like what has been planned, Especially big things with big plans.
  • Some people with anxiety don’t believe life is beautiful. Some people with anxiety always regret what happened in their life. They believe that they are unlucky person who can’t life happily like others. They always wondering why god made them
  • Some people with anxiety don’t believe big dreams can be achieved. Some people with anxiety don’t dream big because they believe that big dreams are unachievable. They also believe that others’ big dreams are unachievable too.
  • Some people with anxiety don’t use logical thinking as much as others. Some people with anxiety just think; they think too much, they speculate too much, and they often don’t use any real example (what happened when other people have the same problem), and they even don’t use their common sense to think and speculate something. They just think.
  • The Fixes

    I don’t need to write the entire fixes; the fixes are all things that counter the signs.
    For example, if you don’t dream big, start dream big. If you speculate too much things, think and speculate less than you usually do.
    Just use your mind to see the opposite of the sign you are experiencing.

    Final Words

    I don’t say that people with anxiety will have all these 10 things.
    if you experience (some, or even all) signs above, start to fix yourself using the opposite of the sign you are experiencing.
    You can also check yourself to a doctor or psychologist (for anticipation), but I’m not recommend you to do that, because that’s a waste of time and money.
    By the way, thank you for reading. Please share, and ask anything via comment!

Stay Calm and Organized using This Kind of To-Do List

Common to-do apps make us like a robot

Common to-do apps are superbly good; they even have alarm to wake you up, to ask you to “do that now!”.

keep simple and organized
Taken from Wikipedia

But those apps make us really like a robot, we’re automated. That’s why I publish my handmade Freeflow to-do list — primarily made in Excel, or sometimes in my notebook. And I’m sure this handmade to-do list doesn’t make us like a robot.

What differs Freeflow to-do list?
– It doesn’t have any schedule so you’ll never see “do homework at 08.00 pm”.
– It has clear task prioritization (every different priority level has different background color).
– It has more than one column (can be used for urgent task).
– It doesn’t ask you “do that now!”; instead, it gives you answer of “what I have to do next?”.
– It doesn’t have alarm.

In order to use Freeflow to-do list, you must:
– Not procrastinate.
– Not place your hobby at the top of the list.
– Keep asking yourself “what I have to do next?” then find the answer at the list.
– Stay motivated.

How to create Freeflow to-do list

keep calm and organized
After step 1 & 2

1. First, open Microsoft Excel (or others equal) and change first 3×3 cells’ background color (any color you like). Note: you can use more than 3×3 because these cells will be used for “high priority” tasks.
2. Then, change other 3×3 cells’ background color below the first 3×3 (make sure it’s different).
3. Write high priority tasks in the first column of the first 3×3 group cells; if it’s filled up, you can use the second column, then the third. Note: second and third column are made to anticipate first column’s insufficient space.

Keep simple and organized
After step 3 & 4

4. Do the same for low priority tasks, but write them in the second 3×3 group cells.
5. Then start to ask yourself “what I have to do next?” then find the answer at the list; try to do high priority tasks first.
6. Do tasks in a pattern (I like zig-zag)

keep simple and organized
I like to do task in zig-zag pattern (RED LINE)

7. Delete finished tasks by clicking their cells, then press “del”.
8. If you realize that the to-do list is empty (because you’ve done all the tasks), then you can enjoy your life; freedom!

What’s your opinion?

What do you think is the best color for the “high priority” group cells? What is your favorite pattern to do tasks? Do you think you’ll live more freely using this to-do list? Do you have any idea to improve Freeflow to-do list? Share your thoughts and ideas; I’m sure all my readers are brilliant thinkers with brilliant thoughts and ideas.I will surely reply every single of your comment. Don’t be afraid to say “hi!”.